Who we are

Future Female was born in 2010. It was born out of inspiring conversations by women with backgrounds in technology, online media and ICT communications. These women wanted to change the world a little so that the next generation of women will find working in the digital world easier, more inspiring and worth their while. Our goal is to bring more women into the limelight as role models as well as bring up role models of the future.

Future Female became an official non-profit association called “Future Female ry” in December 2017 and at the same time, we created a board which includes Founder Annikki Laine and co-founders Krista Pohjanlehto and Hanna Manninen, Maija Typpi-Häkkinen, Anu Laitila, Karoliina Kontinen and Hanna Laine. You can find the rules for the association here.

Photo by Maarit Halonen https://www.instagram.com/maaritphotos/

Development team

Maija Typpi-Häkkinen, Chairwoman of the Board

I work at design and software company Frantic, where I lead our consulting business unit. I’m also actively involved in Women in Tech as our company is one of the yearly sponsors. I entered my career in digital already in the age of “new media” back in 1998.

I found Future Female in 2011 when I was on my first maternity leave and wanted to find my own crowd and professional community to get some balance to the baby year.

I’m a humanist at heart (and also from my educational background) and I often call myself an accidental technologist, a perfect term borrowed from Caterina Fake’s interview at Slush 2016.

At Future Female, I’m in charge of co-operations, sponsorships and mentoring so feel free to get in touch if you’re interested in a co-operation with us. You can reach me on maija@futurefemale.com or +358 50 566 2819 or via LinkedIn.

Anu Laitila, Vice Chairwoman of the board

I work at Hyundai Motor Finland as a Digital Marketing Manager. I am an engineer and I love all things digital. I also like to test new apps and gadgets. I am passionate about cyber security, new technologies and social media.

At Future Female, I focus on planning and organising our events together with the team.

If you would like to host, sponsor or suggest a speaker for one of our meetups, workshops or after works, feel free to get in touch with at anu@futurefemale.com or +358 40 84 55 021. You can find me from LinkedInInstagram and Twitter.

Karoliina Kontinen, Secretary of the Board

I work as a Client Director at Vapa Media. I’m a digital marketing professional with strong background in social media marketing. I attended my first Future Female event in 2012 and I’ve been inspired ever since. I’m a strong believer in team work and the positive power of great company culture.

At Future Female, I manage of our social media so if you have a good story for us to share or contribute in, feel free to get in touch at karoliina@futurefemale.com
You can find me from LinkedInInstagram and Twitter.

Hanna Lilja, Member of the Board

I am startup entrepreneur, freelance graphic, UI & UX designer, illustrator, soon-to-be author and advisor for several early stage businesses. I get easily excited and usually have multiple projects ongoing.

As CEO & founder of Momzie, I have successfully created and launched mobile service for mums, which has been very well accepted and endorsed by the mum society. I strongly believe we should and could see more women in tech and IT, and that’s one of the reasons for my current project, a children’s book to inspire young girls about tech. At Future Female I work as a Visual Designer and I am also Member of the Board. You can find me from LinkedIn.

Noora Honkaniemi

I work at Smartly.io as a Customer Success Manager in the Managed Service team, where I’m in charge of planning, executing and reporting advertising results for our customers.

Data, analytics and facts are close to my heart, and outside of work I spend time playing video games and getting my heart rate up at crossfit. You can find me from LinkedIn

Mia Lavanti

I am Marketing Manager for Wolt in Finland, running around handling basically anything and everything that has to do with marketing and communicating our brand here in our home country. My background is in the humanities, but I managed to infiltrate the digital industry after first working in PR, then moving to a digital agency and now working at a tech startup.

You can find me from LinkedIn.


Maarit Halonen

Project manager by day and photographer by night! I work at Buena Creative as a project wizard. It’s part of my passion when I get to organise and make things happen. During the night, well at anytime to be honest, I get more creative when seeing things through my camera’s lens. It’s the other part of my passion, and that’s why I am a freelance photographer at my own firm maaritphotos.

All my energy I get from work out at TFW Helsinki. What keeps me alive is traveling: I always try to have the next flight booked or at least planned. And when all of the above is put together it makes one pretty well organized and passion driven photographer. You can find me from LinkedIn.

Jenny Sammalinen

I am purposeful and ambitious marketing pro with versatile skillset and background in the field of marketing and communications. Right now I’m working for an IT company Siili Solutions as their marketing, and starting up my own marketing/interior design -consulting business. My aim is to learn every day something new, take the learnings from my experiences with me to all new things, projects and challenges. No matter the challenges you face, you can always learn something and utilize it la​​​​​​ter. I am a mix of optimist, idealist and realist. I learn by doing and working with skilful, passionate and experienced people.

I am passionate to work with the big picture and the small details. Working with interesting brands and concepts in diverse projects of digital marketing, service design, and customer experience inspire me the most. I do enjoy mixing creative solutions, analytics and data to create value and results. Goals are my motivator and possibilities to grow and develop are my drivers in work. You can find me from LinkedIn.

Helena Pirhonen

I work at Lexia Attorneys as a Design lead and Growth hacker. My background is in technology but I ended up eventually to study design in arctic surroundings to the University of Lapland.

My studies in design management and service design lit up my inner fire towards excellent customer experiences both online and offline. At Lexia I joggle with customer understanding, service development and marketing challenges.

On my free time I get my daily dose of good vibes from sailing, yoga and culture adventures. One could say that I have a creative heart and engineer’s mind – but there is a sparkling unicorn steering the wheel. You can find me from LinkedIn.

Liisa Siitonen

Today I am self-employed in our family owned company called Xennek Oy. I work as a consultant – project manager with digital marketing and social media projects for our customers. I graduated as a TV-producer and worked with that area some years, then headed towards digital marketing at the turn of the millennium. I have worked as a project manager in IT-projects as well as in an advertising agency. Besides work, I love to go swimming and horseback riding. You can find me from LinkedIn.

Sanna Saksala

I am a business leader and developer turned into digital services enthusiast. I am passionate about user interfaces that enhance, not complicate our lives. And I strongly believe that we can and should utilize digitalization to increase equality.

For the most of my professional life I have worked in telecommunication and energy sectors, often enough being the only female at the table.

Networks like Future Female are for me a great way to share insight and experiences, and to make visible how many female leaders there are even in unlikely places.

When not working or networking, I am most likely outdoors swimming, biking or running.
You can find me from LinkedIn.

Founder of Future Female

Annikki Laine – COO, Founding Team Member at Adtile and Photopoll

I’m COO and Founding Team Member at Adtile Technologies, California based technology company. I have 15+ years of experience in building software and overseeing high-level global technology projects, from small startups to large corporations.

My background and interests are in finance, mobile, e-commerce and blockchain technologies. As an ex-developer, my heart is still pumping up when I get to work with talented engineers and scientists every day!



Co-Founders of Future Female

Hanna Manninen – PR, Social Media & Marketing Expert

I’m one of the founders of Future Female. I’m internationally driven PR, social media and marketing expert, and I have been working with broadcasting and mobile technology companies since 2000 either in-house or as an agency partner. I use to call London my home and that is where I learned all the tricks of PR and networking. After spending 15 years travelling the world for business, I’ve settled back in my hometown of Oulu. In my spare time, I take long walks with my beagle and visit art exhibitions. I also do yoga, collect art and take care of the piece of land I own.

Krista Pohjanlehto – Mobile Ad Tech & Marketplace Expert, Founder at Kinspiring

I am a businesswoman and curious mind with ability to see big picture. This has led me to most interesting projects from launching a mobile ad tech startup to new market to founding a peer-to-peer marketplace for baby products.

Back in 2010 there were very little forums to network and share ideas for driven, likeminded women working in tech. This is why we decided found Future Female with Annikki and Hanna. Today it gives me great joy to see how our new team driving diversity in the ICT industry!