Future of MaaS 12.4.2018

Future of MaaS organized at Avanto Ventures.

Photos by Maarit Halonen,

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Future of Law 8.3.2018

Future of Law was organized at Tiedekulma with co-operation with Legal Tech Lab, Dottir and Fondia.”.

Photos by Samuli Lyytikkä Photography,

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Christmas Party 22.11.2017

Future Female, Howtomo and Ladies, Wine & Design united to host a festive “Pikkujoulut” in cooperation with Restaurant Haven”.

Photos by DMK P H O T O G R A P H Y

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Future Female goes Art 15.11.2017

We had a pleasure to visit Helsinki Contemporary to see Maiju Salmenkivi’s exhibition. Mari Männistö also told us how digital technologies is changing the business of art, ”.

Photos by Anu Laitila

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Future Female MeetUp: Future of Smart Cities 9.11.2017

This event was all about the Future of Smart Cities and what kind of role data and IoT will play in the future. We heard talented speakers who told us what the future brings: Tanja Lahti, City Of Helsinki, Anne Stenros, Helsingin kaupunki, Jonna Pöllänen, MaaS Global, Hanna Niemi-Hugaerts, Forum Virium, Aapo Rista.”.

Photos by Heidi Törmikoski and Anu Laitila

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Future Female MeetUp: Growth Hacking 14.9.2017

We had two speakers for the evening who talked about growth hacking and how to disrupt traditional industry: Mari Luukkainen, Head of Growth at Freska and Esa Peltonen “Case Igglo Rent & basics of growth hacking”.

Photos by Meri-Kaisla Ketola.

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Afterwork with Vincit on 3.8.2017

Theme for the after-work was  “back to work”. Johanna Pystynen, Director of People Operations at Vincit, talked to us about how we should lead ourselves and how to return to work without getting too stressed.

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Women & Startup Funding: How to Begin Building Your Future on 14.6.2017

We brought a Tekes funding expert Eeva Salminen, Director, Startup Companies and female entrepreneurs Mervi Pänkäläinen, CEO & Founder, Mightifier, The Mighty United and Mia Karlsson, CEO & Founder, See how you eat, Health Revolution Oy, together to discuss funding opportunities for early stage startups. 

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Meet Up with Holvi on 23.3.2017

We learnt about the future of finance with our two speakers Johanna Palin, Chief Legal Officer from Invesdor and Elina Räsänen, Head of Marketing & Communications, Holvi, shared their thoughts on the financial evolution and its possibilities.

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Meet Up with Reaktor on 25.11.2016

Juha-Matti Liukkonen, Director, Space & Robotics, Reaktor and Jaan Praks, Assistant Professor, Department of Radio Science and Engineering at Aalto University talked us about Space technology: what, where and how? and how has space technology changed the world and where it can take us?

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